Wedding Teasers

Wedding Films have evolved from long, traditional wedding to highly customized and thematic feature films of your wedding. Our team works real hard to create a visual masterpiece that tells the unique story of your wedding,


Pre weddings

Pre weddings now a days have become the most important events in Indian weddings now a days where couple goes out with their photographer and gets the outdoor shoot done, stills as well as pre weddings videos are in.


Photography is my love, photography to me is as important as food & water to everyone. I am thankful to my family, as they supported me in every way. Though I love doing all type of photography but the most I like is capturing emotions of people the way they are naturally.

The most effective point to note about my style of photography is the intense professionalism I work with along with the unmatched energy levels, when I am at work I prefer to reach my goals without disturbing the flow of the events going on.

Amit Kakkar (Founder)

We deliver quality photography services as per  the requirement of the client and make sure we deliver them on time along with the competitive pricing to fit in your budget.                    

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Phone: +91 7055 793 000

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